Painting with Cancer Patients

Painting with Cancer Patients

This week has gone by to slow and even though it’s Friday I feel like it will go by even slower since I have no plans seeing how everyone went away for the long weekend. Yesterday though I finally finished a piece I’ve been working on for a few months when I go volunteer and paint with cancer patients. Just thought I’d share the picture because I really enjoyed replicating it from its original picture I saw on Tumblr and blending colors instead of keeping it solid to make it my own style. On a higher note I’m still sticking to this damn Medifast diet. Apparently a certain serving of coffee is aloud so I splurged and got an Iced Coffee from Dunkin though I’m hoping I won’t regret it…



Weight of the Nation – Tipping the Scale

Weight of the Nation - Tipping the Scale

HBO documentaries really never interest me, but as I was surfing the channels these past few days I’ve kept seeing one called The Weight of the Nation. Now if you haven’t really grasped the title the four part documentary series deals with obesity in our nation today and how it is increasing in previous generations, present generations, and future generations. I feel very into the series finding myself sticking to the channel rather than changing, because some of the facts provided throughout the documentary are just mind blowing. I haven’t had soda in the past year but I find this fact absolutely insane. Did you know that if you take the sugar on the back of the soda and divide it by 4 that’s how many spoon fulls of sugar is actually put into your drink. I mean I knew that by drinking soda you gain 15 lbs a year, but honestly this new fact I learned is really mind blowing. I do not understand why we drink soda if we know how it can affect us. The documentary said that people eat these foods and drinks, because they are affordable and easier to produce for the consumer. I then started to think about Michelle Obama’s Get Fit Program for kids and how kids should get out and exercise as well as eat healthy, but then I look toward’s what the documentary said and I wonder how could a fitter America even be possible. Can you believe 18% of kids are obese… The sad part about this is I use to be part of that 18%. I think as kids who are overweight or obese get older they will start to realize they will need to change or will be told my doctors if they already have not been. The thing is either we seek help or we just push it aside until it is to late… I want to make a change and help anyone who is in or has been in my position, but I’m only one person. The only way I can get the word out is a blog, but I don’t even know how to spread word about that… Hopefully someone somewhere will feel inspired by what I have to say, because like the documentary said the nation has to figure out the problem.


Sport’s Savvy for the Mets

Sport's Savvy for the Mets

Let me start off by telling you all I’m sports inclined.. I can’t play to save my life. If watching TV counted as a sport though I’d take first prize. With Medifast when you start or “restart” the diet you need to wait one to two weeks to before you start doing physical activity again.. What a drag no exercise for me for two weeks.. was “really excited” about it.. I’m stuck inside regardless if it was raining or not, but as I was surfing the channels on TV I came across my beloved New York Mets playing against the Toronto Blue Jay’s (an encore from yesterday that I missed). Besides the fact the Met’s ended up 1 for 3 in this series losing terribly to Toronto on Friday (15 to 4) and again on Saturday (2 to 0) they managed to snag a win with a 6 to 4 score over the Blue Jay’s. Besides the stats of the series and the two games without my beloved David Wright at his third base position what really stunned me was Dillion Gee has lost his goatee! I mean seriously I don’t even recognize him without it. It’s like he lost his identity. Anyway, proper respect to his goatee that is now gone… R.I.P Gee’s goatee he wore you well!


Cookies + Brownies = Browkies?

Cookies + Brownies = Browkies?

Day 2 on Medifast and I’m feeling stronger and more determined than ever. I had to hold off on the P90x for awhile seeing how expensive my food order was for this month (the only downside that comes along with Medifast). It’s currently down pouring in my neck of the woods which makes it a “perfect” baking day. That’s really an understatement seeing how I don’t like to bake in case I get tempted to eat the food, but I guess I’m lucky because I let my older brother play lab rat and test out my recipes. The reason I’m baking is for a school club bake sale, but that isn’t the point. On Medifast I eat zero dairy products – milk, eggs, butter, etc. So of course both the cookie and brownie recipes call for … you guessed it eggs and butter. I don’t know why but every time I say or see the word butter I do it in a Paula Deen accent. Anyway, it’s between not having the ingredients and the time it takes to actually produce all this stuff. I mean then I have to take into account if I end up burning everything… I’m having a debate on whether to make cookies or brownies or morph the two together and make brownkies… Decisions.. Decisions… First of all I probably need to find some eggs…. Yeah, that would be pretty useful… In other news I learned today I can’t pronounce the word Eggs… I guess when I say it it comes out ‘Aggs’… Two friends on mine told me to just say the word ‘begs’ and just take out the b, because you know that makes sense… You say eggs.. I say aggs.. Like potato and potatoe…


Snack Time!

Snack Time!

After all this blogging not to mention cleaning the grill I almost forgot to have a Medifast meal! I opted for Hot Chocolate seeing how it is only Medifast liquid I like (besides the Swiss Mocha shake). Now I’m off to relax and drink my “meal” as well as do some homework. Hope everyone is having a great afternoon. I’ll be back soon!


5k in June for Cancer!

5k in June for Cancer!

Now having a blog may be a good or bad thing for me, but maybe it could help me spread the word for a cause near to my heart. Not only do I use my time going to school and “attempting” to lose weight, but I also try and raise money for cancer. You see I started Medifast because about 6 years ago (when I was only 11) my mother passed away from stage four colon cancer. Not many people know about this though.. I started to gain weight rapidly over the course of 3-4 years. Eating was my coping device to deal with her death. My weight gain resulted in constant teasing and bullying from other students, because i was morbidly obese. Last June I did this thing called the Hope In Motion – Run, Bike, and Walk (Obviously, I walked because I was around 180 lb at the time and obviously wasn’t physically in shape to run). I started my own team, recruited people I knew, and raised over $485 on my own ($800 + as a team). This year on June 5, 2012 I am going to particapate again only this time I’m running the 5k rather than walking (at my current 146), but I may end up doing both if I can survive through 3 miles of running. I’m not asking for much but it would be great (seeing if anyone even reads my blog) if you or anyone you know could donate a dollar or two to such a great cause. The proceeds that I collect go to help pay for cancer patients treatments as well as help the hospital that helps all these amazing people. My personal link is attached. Please if you can not donate at least help me spread the word about this cause. I want to reach a possible goal of $1000 this year. This is not only for myself or the cancer patients, but this is in dedication to my mother who died to early to see me really live my life and see my accomplishments happen. The link is posted above – Just click (5K in June for Cancer).


Great Weather = Grilling Season

Great Weather = Grilling Season

Now I know it obviously isn’t typical for a teenager to be excited about grilling, but honestly how many teens do you know who are on Medifast (besides me)? I spent two hours trying to scrub the insides of this grill just so I could use it. Though I found it impossible to scrap all that nasty grease and grim out from this thing I needed to keep myself preoccupied. The con to Medifast is when you start the program (re-start in my case) you can’t begin “physical” activity for a good week or two. Now I’m not saying this wasn’t excercise (trust me it was), but I did kill some time (not to mention food cravings) by keeping myself busy. The high point to having this grill cleaned is now my ‘lean and green’ meal for Medifast won’t have that “beautiful” stove top pan flavor to it, but now have a “delightful” chary one! The grill is more of a motivation because I prefer grilled over the stove top or oven… Anyway, point aside look out for the fun meats and chicken meals that will be produced on this bad boy! Keep in mind I won’t be actually cooking it (my dad will… HELLO remember I’m 17… I will set the grill on fire if I was in charge of it). I will be supervising from my couch;) FAR FAR FAR away from the grill….

“Back” on Medifast – Day 1

Saying I’m back on Medifast is really an understatement.. I mean being on this diet for over a year and a half really gets to a personal (especially a teenager). I’ve had some ups and downs but I’m really hoping I can stick to it until I reach my goal of 130 which I will be in sixteen or so more pounds. I decided to make a blog as more of an outlet so I wouldn’t cheat and I could log successes and failures, but I really think it’s purpose now is to inspire others. I doubt anyone will really read or care for the blog, but I just want to prove to people who didn’t think I was capable of losing weight or just people who need inspiration losing weight that anything can happen if you really stay focused and put your mind and body to it.